Say YES to the Address

by | Feb 19, 2021 | Home Buyers

So you’ve decided you’re ready to take the plunge and are considering making a move to Sacramento or Placer County.  Maybe a home in Rocklin or Roseville in your future? You want a special house that makes you  “Say YES to the Address!” 

I am going to focus on helping you navigate the home search process so that you are sure to find the RIGHT home for your needs!

What is your #1 must have feature in your next home? Is there a room that you don’t have in your current house that you absolutely need in your next home? 

A mud room? 

A designated office space? 

A loft of playroom? 

A 3 car garage?  

A pool? 

Or is your must have more location focused such as a specific school district or neighborhood that you want to be in?

When you are considering buying a home in Sacramento or Roseville, it’s important to really understand WHY.  Whether you already own a home, you want to buy a new home,  or even a second home…or perhaps you are considering homeownership for the first time, I want to know your WHY!  I love hearing about your goals and dreams!  

Out of the following choices, why would you want to buy a house? Your dream is to own a home

  1. You’re tired of paying rent
  2. You need more space
  3. You want a place to raise a family
  4. You’re getting married
  5. You want to be in a specific school district
  6. You just want an investment property
  7. You’re planning on retiring and your current space no longer works
  8. You want a second home to rent out for extra income
  9. You really want your own space to decorate exactly how you want with all the latest trends!

Once we determine your WHY, we can start to work on the features that can help support those goals – and stay within your budget.

Home features are kind of like food – we just want it all! AmIright or am I right?! However, if you’re really considering buying your first home or a new home, we have to make sure we are setting realistic expectations and prioritizing our favorite features. Out of the following list, what are your 3 favorite features?

Loft/Game Room
Built-in Wine Fridge
Designated Office Space
Open Concept
Quartz or Granite Countertops
Walk-in Closet
Front porch
Wooded Lot
Water views
Soaker Tub
Close to Work
Hardwood Floors
School District
Laundry/Mud Room
Smart Home Tech

Another important part of helping you “Say YES to the Address!” is determining the home style you would choose! Do you have a specific style home that you like or are you open to several styles? Craftsman, Modern, Ranch, Split Level, Single Story, 2 story, Patio Home, Condo, Victorian – there are SO MANY OPTIONS! Knowing what you want can help narrow things down for you.  For example, if your heart is set on a Victorian home, we shouldn’t be searching in Stanford Ranch in Rocklin, as that area doesn’t have any Victorian homes. Knowing what you want or are open to can help us define your criteria to make sure you find the one that makes you scream, “YES to the Address!”

Last but certainly not least is LIFESTYLE. Knowing what kind of lifestyle you want your home to create because you’re not just buying a home, you really are buying a lifestyle. This is a really crucial piece to keep top of mind when deciding if you should say YES to the address! Do you love to entertain? You probably want to focus on finding an open concept floor plan with enough space for hosting gatherings. Do you love being outdoors and enjoying the peacefulness you find in nature? You probably won’t want to move into a crowded subdivision or patio home…you might want a larger lot or even acreage! If you want to be close to restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, then we should focus on getting you what you want for YOUR lifestyle.  If you truly want a home that fits your lifestyle best, this is a huge factor to focus on!

We’ve put together an epic guide to help you determine what will make you “Say YES to the Address”.  It has an awesome questionnaire and checklist to determine your priorities when it comes to finding a new home. Enter your information below and I’ll send you a copy!